With Lou Peppe Business Services Inc. you get a unique combination of computer systems experience and bookkeeping and accounting expertise that sets us apart from our competition. 

Lou’s years of business analysis and computer systems design makes him a wizard at configuring QuickBooks for your particular business.  Whether it’s customized templates to facilitate job cost reporting or a unique customer/job structure to help manage short-term property rentals with reservations, units, guests, housekeeping and rental income and expenses, Lou can get it done.  If your bookkeeper tells you “you can’t do that in QuickBooks”, it’s time to call Lou Peppe Business Services. 

Maureen’s accounting acumen and attention to detail is second to none.  She works a business’s financials from the top down.  She begins with the Chart of Accounts and structures it to be accurate and inclusive without being complex. Financial reports are laid out to be easy to read and focus on what’s important for each particular business.  Every line on the Balance Sheet gets scrutinized and each income and expense posting on the Profit & Loss is evaluated.  You can rest assured that your financials will be on time, thorough, and easy to understand.  You will have the information you need to spot trends and identify issues before they become problems.

Since 2009 our high standards, customer service and technical expertise has set us apart from other firms, but, what makes the best financial service providers stand out from the rest?

Lou Peppe


Maureen McGill